American Animals (15)

American Animals tells the true story of four students who embark on the most audacious heist in U.S. history.

The Post (12A)

The Post is a tale of free speech, integrity and bravery.

I, Tonya (15)

I, Tonya tells the incredible story of one of the biggest falls from grace in recent memory.

Molly’s Game (15)

Aaron Sorkin is no stranger to crafting the tales of legends, and his directorial debut Molly’s Game is no exception.

American Made (15)

A hapless pilot becomes embroiled in one of the biggest covert CIA operations in US history.

Dunkirk (12A)

Dunkirk is an inspiring celebration of solidarity.

The Founder (12A)

The Founder tells the true story of how McDonald’s came to be the billion dollar company it is today.

Jackie (15)

Jackie paints a gritty and intimate portrait of one of most important moments in American history.

Spotlight (15)

Spotlight paints a compelling portrait of investigative journalism at its finest.