The Devil All The Time (18)

There are a lot of sinners in The Devil All The Time. But is it a sin to miss this film? Let’s find out.

Joker (15)

Joker has caused a fair amount of controversy, but is it any good? Mark Jankowski reveals all.

Glass (15)

Can Glass live up to the hype or does it shatter under the weight of expectation? Mark Jankowski tells all.

A Simple Favour (15)

Do me A Simple Favour and don’t go into this movie expecting the thriller of the year.

American Animals (15)

American Animals tells the true story of four students who embark on the most audacious heist in U.S. history.

Red Sparrow (15)

Red Sparrow blurs the lines between patriotism, love and survival.

The Post (12A)

The Post is a tale of free speech, integrity and bravery.

It (15)

A murderous and malevolent clown terrorises an entire town.