Hello there.

Welcome to Ruthless On Film. This serendipitous site was born on 24th November 2012 out of loss and turned out to be one of the best thing our founder Ruth Barrett ever did.

After the magazine she worked at folded people were still asking what movies they should go and see. With no movie reviews of hers to provide Ruth soon created Ruthless On Film, a place where movie lovers could come and find out all about the latest and greatest movies. Ever better, the reviews are all spoiler-free! Yep you read that right.

Soon enough Ruth realised that she couldn’t go it along and so her brother-in-law Mark Jankowski joined the team. Mark is a big Marvel fan with a perchant for action movies.

Then Ruth met Jordan Barrett, a TV script editor by day and movie maker and buff by night. Oh yeah and they’re married.

This makes up the trio that keeps Ruthless On Film the occasionally well-oiled machine we know today.

Happy reading.