Top TV Shows To Stream

It can be hard to pick a new TV show to commit to, especially when there are so many good ones to choose from. With that in mind I gathered a list of the best TV shows I’ve streamed recently and explained why I’d recommend them.


For those that love a bit of drama in their lives, here are my top picks.

The Crown – Series 1 – 3

(Available on Netflix)

Apparently the Queen is a fan of the series but Prince Phillip isn’t. Can’t please everyone I guess. The Crown is a good series to dive into if you haven’t already. It retells historic events in its own unique way and draws you into the trials and tribulation of the British Royal family. Before you ask I’m team Margaret, always.

Series 1-2 sees Claire Foy play the titular role before Olivia Coleman dons the crown in series 3.

Fleabag – Series 1 & 2

(Available on BBC i Player and Amazon Prime)

Who doesn’t love a story of a perverted, self destructive woman with a dysfunctional family? Fleabag is an absolute joy to watch. The shooting style has been compared to Peep Show in that Fleabag talks directly to camera, to us, while others around her are oblivious.

There’s moments in there we can all relate to, awkward moments we all wish we could forget. Fleabag is funny, honestly and always naughty, making the show such an entertaining watch.

Catastrophe – Series 1 – 4

(Available on All 4)

Where do I start. I don’t think I’ve loved a TV as much as Catastrophe in a long time. A business trip to London and a one night turns out to be the modern version of a love story. We follow Rob and Sharon as they navigate their complicated lives to include each other.

Catastrophe is a raw, honest look at relationships, showing that you can love your partner and be utterly irritated by them at the same time. Despite nonstop complications Sharon and Rob are the ultimate couple goals. Whatever life throws at them, they’ve got this.

This Way Up  – Series 1

(Available on All 4)

I was always going to love This Way Up because it stars Sharon Horgan and Aisling Bea. It tells the tale of a young woman trying to put her life back together after suffering a nervous breakdown. We watch as her sister attempts to be there for her in the best ways she knows how. This Way Up will make you laugh at terrible things, and cry at bittersweet moments.

The six-part comedy series explores the social, mental and personal obstacles that just get in the way of happiness and shows that life doesn’t need to be perfect to be incredible.

Russian Doll – Series 1

(Available on Netflix)

A cynical young women in New York keeps dying and returning to the same party thrown in honour of her 36th birthday. Now I know that doesn’t sound like fun given the current situation we find ourselves in, but it’s actually a very funny black comedy.

Each time Nadia’s timeline resets she learns more about herself and starts to realise why and how this is all happening.

Stick with it, the intro music will get stuck in your head and soon enough you’ll be willing Nadia to break free of her cycle.

Love – Series 1 – 3

(Available on Netflix)

Anything Judd Apatow works on is normally comedy gold. Love is no exception. The romantic comedy tells the tale of Gus and Mickey, a couple who shouldn’t work but kind of do.

Love gives a fresh perspective on modern love and what we expect from it. It’s honest to the point of cringe-worthy but stick with it. You’ll grow to love the main leads and root for them. Plus the soundtrack is top notch.

Reality TV

For lovers of reality TV and romance these are the shows you need to be watching.

Love Is Blind – Series 1

(Available on Netflix)

Love Is Blind has got everyone talking. Not only for the fact that Nick Lacey hasn’t aged a day since we saw him on our screens in the mid 90s, but for how much people love the show, its drama and the couples that took part.

Love Is Blind details a group of singletons who are looking for love. They go on a series of dates in ‘pods’ and attempt to fall in love and get engaged without ever meeting in person.

I’m not going to include any spoilers but be warned, once you’ve watched episode one you will be hooked.

Married At First Sight – UK, US and Aus versions

(Available on All 4)

I am fully OBSESSED with Married At First Sight. What can I say, I’m a sucker for love. Married At First Sight matches potential love interests using psychological data, and taking into account beliefs on religion and sex. They are only given their new partners name to go with and told to plan the wedding of their dreams, invite friends and family and turn up on the day. They only get to meet their partner at the alter. Will they go through with it?

Those that do soon head off on a luxury honeymoon and then move in together. Talk about stressful. The US series has a lot of episodes to plough through so I would recommend starting with the Aus version first, it has more humour and hilarious cussing.

Dating Around – Series 1 & 2

(Available on Netflix)

Dating Around is a series of flirtations and fails. We watch as six real life singles navigate five blind dates. Their mission is to find someone to take on second date.

Episode one of the first series is an absolute hoot. Victoria is my awkward spirit animal and I love her. *Breathes sigh of relief that I no longer have to date*.

It sweet and at some moments utterly shocking but it’s nice light entertainment.

Selling Sunset – Series 1 – 3

(Available on Netflix)

Multi-million dollar houses, giant commissions, glamorous women and high drama. What’s not to love right?

Selling Sunset gives you the inside seat to all the drama at The Oppenheim Group, where elite real estate brokers sell the luxurious life to their affluent buyers. 

Los Angeles is a hotspot for the rich and famous, so selling real estate can be cutthroat as agents fight over clients and properties. It’s worth watching just to see the £40 million house.


Don’t worry we haven’t forgot you parents. Here are my favourite children’s TV shows to stream.

The Dumping Ground – Series 1 – 8

(Available on BBC i Player)

Does my husband work on the show? Yes. But it’s genuinely one of the best children’s shows the BBC has to offer. Set in a children’s care home, The Dumping Ground dubbed the DG is a safe space for kids to relax, have fun and learn life lessons in a thoughtful way. To top it off the show is incredibly inclusive, showcasing that it’s our differences that make us special.

My favourite episode is Heroes. It’s just plain gorgeous.

PJ Masks – Series 1 – 3

(Available on Netflix)

While we don’t have children, we are blessed with incredible nieces and a godson. PJ Masks is a great watch to  reignite your children’s imaginations. We watch as three friends become superheros at nighttime. After all that’s the best time to fight crime, right?

The show is full of fun, teamwork, challenges to overcome and a solution at the end of every show.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any shows you’d add to the list? Let me know.

By Ruth Barrett

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  1. Love The Crown and Love is Blind 🙂 xx


    1. Ruth Barrett says:

      Me too. Glad you like the list.

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