To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (PG)

Can the charm of the original movie be replicated in this sweet follow up? Let’s find out. 

To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved told the tale of Lara Jean and how she deals with the fallout after her sister Kitty sends years-old love letters to all the great loves of her life. Cue high school drama, love triangles and a rather steamy hot tub scene. 

However, the first movie wasn’t without its flaws, the whole Scotland storyline was neither here nor there. But I digress.

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You starts where the last movie left off. We get to experience Lara Jean go on her very first date. I’d love to tell you that it’s cute and romantic. But instead our lead is overly concerned with being “a good girlfriend” like some teenage Stepford Wife. 

As her relationship with Peter continues to grow there’s a conversation around taking their relationship to the next level, is she ready? Again another misstep in the movie here is that neither her or Peter use the word sex. If you’re not mature to talk about sex like adults, then maybe you shouldn’t be having it. Honestly there’s so many opportunities to inform teens about healthy relationships in this movie that are avoided. I’m guessing the rating gave them certain limitations, but come using on “base jumping” as an analogy, nope. 

Alongside all this drama it turns out that the last of Lara Jean’s love letters finally made it to her intended, and he replies. Soon enough the recipient John Ambrose is in town and Lara Jean is left battling her feelings for the two men in her life. 

Lara Jean and John Ambrose grow ever closer as they volunteer at the fanciest retirement facility I have ever seen in my life, where instead of ailments the residents have plenty of cash and cocktails. 

Meanwhile Peter is getting close to his ex Genevieve once again, leading Lara Jean to question his loyalty. When he discovers how close Lara Jean and John Ambrose have become we see a rather nasty side of Peter. He expects her to act and dress a certain way. Red flag anyone?

Without giving any spoilers away John Ambrose doesn’t put a foot wrong while Peter is a complete  jerk. His behaviour is gross but we’re supposed to lust after him. How about no? How about a little bit of R.E.S.P.E.C.T? I’m surprised this made it through the edit mostly due to the young, impressionable audience this movie is aimed at.

The main highlights of the movie were Lara Jean’s hilarious little sister Kitty and affable Dad. 

My advice? Stick to the original if you’re looking for a light-hearted movie, the sequel just isn’t worth your time.

By Ruth Barrett


Available to stream on Netflix


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