Mary Poppins Returns (U)

Disney’s famous magical nanny Mary Poppins has returned for a long overdue visit to Number 17, Cherry Tree Lane. What antics will she get up to this time with the Banks children?

Now this is a sequel, not a remake. In Mary Poppins Returns we see Jane and Michael Banks as grown ups with their own problems to deal with. Like mother Jane is a rights activist. Michael has three children to care for but has struggled to cope since the loss off his wife.

They are in such dire straits that the Banks’ risk having their family home repossessed by the bank. As you may recall from the original Michael has had a fair few run ins with the bank in the past.

An incident with the Banks’ infamous kite brings home a nanny, Mary Poppins in fact. Her task? Take care of the Banks children, no matter their age.

The wonder has gone from the Banks children’s lives. But before long Mary, along with a local lamplighter named Jack, is taking Anabel, John and Georgie on magical adventures. With the help of Mary Poppins the trio soon rediscover the joy and magic they once shared. As they learn, “nothing’s gone forever, just out of place.”

While Mary cares for the children Jane and Michael are in a race against time to save the family from ruin and avoid them being made homeless. The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious nanny works her magic to bring wonder to everyone’s lives, but can she save the day once again?

Mary Poppins is quintessentially British and utterly charming, but it isn’t practically perfect in every way.

While Blunt plays to part of the beloved British nanny to the letter, the musical scenes don’t always match up with the storyline and that leads to a confused plot.

It has hints of the original, and don’t get me wrong Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw are incredible as Jane and Michael Banks, but the movie just lacks the magic of the original.

By Ruth Walker


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