The Old Man & the Gun (12A)

Forrest Tucker may be 70 years old but he certainly doesn’t feel like it. He’s still a young boy at heart who sees the world, and more so robbing banks, as nothing but child’s play.

He’s broken out of more than a dozen prisons and yet, never deterred, Forrest will go straight into planning his next heist. It’s what he knows; it’s what he loves. Forrest, however, is getting older and sooner or later, he’ll have to decide if he can keep living this lifestyle.

You won’t be wrong in seeing some eerily similarities with that of the lead actor, Robert Redford (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). An actor that needs little introduction, he’s helped shape cinema, both Hollywood and Independent through Sundance for decades. Yet, time isn’t on his side and, if this is to be his last acting performance, it’s a very apt tale to go out on.

Much like it’s lead, The Old Man & the Gun is simply oozing with charm. He may be a bank robber but he’s quite the charming gentleman too. You just can’t help but like him. If you’re looking for action packed bank robberies, they’re not really Forrest’s style. Simply asking for the money, you may be surprised to never see a gun being held. Instead, we hang on the words and smile of one of Hollywood’s greatest.  

Alongside Redford is the delightful Sissy Spacek who, much you like you as the audience, buy almost unwillingly into Forrest’s charm. Hot on his heels is Detective John Hunt, played by Casey Affleck (Manchester By The Sea), who, having witnessed a robbery first hand, becomes determined to catch this so called Gentleman Robber.

As a Director David Lowery has certainly shown his versatility, going from the fantasy adventure Pete’s Dragon to the eerily simplistic and stylized A Ghost Story. The Old Man & the Gun is something yet different again. It’s a simple, sweet and endearing tale of an old man unable to give up the life he’s led for so long.

There’s a lot of good in The Old Man & the Gun and particular moments have you gripped but there’s also a feeling of missed potential. With a lack of punch and emphasis, certain moments feel altogether skipped over or simplified. There’s great material and performances to work with and, if only for a few extra scenes of gravity could this film have excelled even further.

The Old Man & the Gun is an enjoyable, lightweight popcorn flick that will leave you smiling if nothing else. In addition, it’s also a fitting tribute to the charm and love that has surrounded Robert Redford throughout his entire career. Thank you and so long ‘Bobby Reds’.

The Old Man & the Gun is due for release in the UK on 7th December 2018. This review was written as part of a preview held by Odeon Cinemas.

By Jordan Barrett



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