A Simple Favour (15)

A Simple Favour tells the story of single Mum Stephanie Smothers played by Anna Kendrick whose life is changed forever when her best friend Emily (Blake Lively) disappears. Was it the husband, is foul play involved? Emily is on a one woman crusade to find out.

The mommy vlogger embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind Emily’s disappearance. As she learns more about her best friend Stephanie realises that she doesn’t know her at all. What she finds will change her life forever.

We watch as the mystery unravels and come to realise that Stephanie may not be as squeaky clean as everyone thinks. She adapts to Emily’s luxurious lifestyle without too much objection, moving into her house and taking care of her child and her husband. Who can we really trust?

I can’t talk too much about what happens next without giving too much away so just be aware that it all comes to a head in a big way. Sadly what could have been a powerful ending is spoilt with cheap gags.

A Simple Favour sells itself as a thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. Instead it leaves you contemplating who the lead character is, who to root for and if it’s a thriller or a comedy.

Anna Kendrick plays Anna Kendrick in every movie ever, she’s as loveable and goofy as always while Blake Lively has transformed herself into an Ryan Reynolds-esque alter ego. Her potty mouthed antics create a few laughs at the start and then become somewhat tiresome. A Simple Favour is basically a diluted version of Gone Girl, the straight to video version.

Do me A Simple Favour and don’t go into this movie expecting the thriller of the year.

A Simple Favour is out in the UK on 20 September 2018. This review was written as part of a preview held by Odeon.

By Ruth Walker


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