Incredibles 2 (PG)

Everyone’s favourite family of superheroes are back. So was it worth the wait? Let’s find out.

The second instalment of all-out comedic action kicks straight back in where the last movie left us.

The Incredibles come together along with their fellow superhero Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) to defeat Underminer before he carries out his dastardly plan. Except in doing so they end up destroying the city that they are trying to protect.

They may be a family of superheroes but that doesn’t change the fact that their special skills are illegal. Soon enough the Incredibles are arrested and things are looking bleak.

When they’re released from jail the heroes have no place to stay and no jobs to go to. If you remember in the last movie their home was burnt to a crisp by Syndrome (Jason Lee) and Bob aka Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) quit his mundane office job in spectacular fashion.

So it’s up to Bob and Helen aka Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) to find regular jobs and learn to blend in…yeah right.

It’s not long before the dynamic duo are approached by the wealthy Deavor siblings who run technology firm Devtech. They offer new hope with a bold project to rehabilitate the public image and legal status of Supers. Sounds like a dream come true right?

Well for Elastigirl yes, Devtech decide to use her at the shining example for superheroes everywhere while Mr. Incredible is left taking care of the couple’s three children. As Elastigirl reaches new heights of fame and helps to alter the public image of Supers around the world Mr. Incredible faces his hardest feat yet, domestic life.

Violet (Sarah Vowell) is having boy problems, Dash’s (Huck Milner) homework is impossible to help with and baby Jack-Jack’s powers are becoming impossible to manage. To make matters worse there isn’t time to talk it for Bob to talk it through with his wife, she has her own menace to deal with in the form of supervillain, Screenslaver, who is wreaking havoc with is mind control abilities.

It’s up to the Incredibles and a few favourite friends, old and new to pull together to unmask the unscrupulous villain before their malevolent plans to outlaw supervillains forever become reality.

Incredibles 2 is a epic adventure form start to finish. Where the original was mainly focused on Mr. Incredible this movie is all about Elastigirl.

It’s funny without trying too hard and you’ll be happy to hear that everyone’s favourite fashion designer returns to the big screen to help out. Although the villains don’t live up the standard set previously the playing field is taken from an island to an entire city.

The Incredibles franchise hasn’t lost any of its charm over the years. As fellow ROF writer Jordan Barrett said “If there’s one thing I learnt from Incredibles 2, it’s that the greatest superheroes of all are parents.”

By Ruth Walker


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