Skyscraper (12A)

Skyscraper tells the tale of FBI hostage negotiator, U.S war veteran and family man Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) who is rebuilding his life after a botched mission caused him to lose one of his legs. Will hasn’t been able to fire a gun since but little does he know that his family’s lives will depend on it soon enough.

Now working as a safety expert Will is recommended by an old squad member to inspect the viability of the world’s tallest, safest building in Hong Kong before they move in residents. While his wife and two young children visit the local zoo Will is meeting with the building’s owner Zhao Long Ji (Chin Han).

Then in a Die Hard fashion the building is attacked from the inside by terrorists hellbent on all-out destruction to get what they want. A fire they set rips through the building climbing higher and higher.

But at least Will can rest assured that his family aren’t in the building, right? Wrong, they came back early and are in their suite relaxing. When Will’s wife Sarah (Neve Campbell) realises that something is wrong there’s no one to ask for help. They are the only residents in the building.

To make matters worse Will is framed for setting the blaze. The now wanted man embarks in a race against time to track down those responsible, clear his name and find a way to rescue his family who are trapped in the building above the fire line.

Can Will to save the day once more? This time it’s not the lives of his team mates at stake, but those of his family. The security expert must infiltrate the burning skyscraper, 225 floors above the ground, to save his family trapped inside by the devious criminals.

Cue explosions, cheesy one liners and enough heart-racing action shots to last you a life time.

Skyscraper isn’t the best movie you’ll see this year. But it did exceed my expectations. The action shots are ridiculously tense and demand your attention.

However, although it does have that Die Hard feel to it Skyscraper fails to deliver the maniacal villains we’re looking for. There’s no Hans Gruber folks.

Parts of the movie are pretty predictable which spoils it somewhat. If you’re looking for a movie where you can leave your worries at the door and switch off the old noggin, then Skyscraper is for you. This may not be Dwayne Johnson’s best movie to date, but it’s still worth a watch.

By Ruth Walker


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