Tag (15)

They can run. They can hide. But, no matter where they go during the month of May, they can’t escape the prospect of becoming “It”.

A group of former classmates embark on their annual game of tag. Only this time it’s different. This time they will come together to achieve the impossible. This is the year that they will finally tag their friend Jerry (Jeremy Renner) before he throws the towel in with a squeaky clean record.

It will mean travelling across the country but it will be worth the long wait. Quick thinking and extreme dexterity (think Sherlock Holmes Guy Ritchie styley) mean that Jerry has avoided being it for the past 23 years. But enough is enough and Hoagie (Ed Helms), Chilli (Jake Johnston), Bob (Jon Hamm), Reggie (Lil Rel Howery) and co have decided that this year is their year.

Jerry is getting married and the ceremony makes him the perfect sitting duck for tagging. What the friends don’t realise is the Jerry has a whole new bag of tricks up his sleeve to avoid being tagged.

Soon enough all out warfare ensues with each friend fending for himself. Jerry is a force to be reckoned with and he isn’t going down with a fight.

From pitting the friends against each other and crazy golf cart chases to physical capture and emotional torment, nothing is off limits.

Tag is based on a true story of miscreants that never really grew up. The Wall Street Journal introduced the world to The Tag Brothers back in 2013 and they’re just as competitive as their on-screen depictions.

This is a movie full of quick gags and dick jokes, some rather shoehorned in there, but it’s also one about the power of friendship, about belonging.

Yes the game of tag is childish and the results of the pranks they carry out are both hilarious and dangerous, but in coming together every year they’ve kept both their friendship and inner child alive.

However, Tag is ridiculously silly to the point of being over the top. The moments of sincerity are few and far between and the characters are unlikeable much like A Futile and Stupid Gesture which depicted the outlandish antics of the Animal House founders.

If you’re looking for an easy view then go ahead, but for a feel-good summer comedy Tag’s not “It”.

By Ruth Walker



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