American Made (15)

A hapless TWA pilot named Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) is recruited by the CIA to provide reconnaissance on the communist threat in Central American. Soon enough Barry, who was already on the take, is embroiled in one of the biggest covert CIA operations in the history of the United States.

What starts off as taking aerial images of enemy territory quickly escalates in to delivering arms and ammunition. One wrong move and Barry’s life as he knows it will be over in a flash. Every day he risks being shot down as he swoops over enemy lines.

Not content with his lot in life, Barry is growing increasingly greedy, something that could end up costing him dearly. The pilot has a taste of the life and he’s not willing to give that up anytime soon. So, he begins smuggling drugs out of the country for the Medellin cartel whose members include the infamous Pablo Escobar who was on his way to his drug lord status.

Barry’s mission is already risky enough without his double cross which threatens to brings down the Reagan White House.

Edge of Tomorrow sucked. Like totally sucked. But somehow director Doug Liman has managed to recall how to make a good movie once again. American Made tells the ridiculous real-life exploits of Barry Seal and the biggest covert operations in U.S. history without the usual Hollywood sheen. Don’t get me wrong there’s action, comedy and beautiful women but there’s also a good measure of violence to balance out the fluffy stuff. It’s an outrageous international escapade romp-fest.

I’m not normally a huge Tom Cruise fan but it’s as though this movie has transported him back to a time when his movies were more than a few explosions followed by a cheap one liner. His tête-à-têtes Domnhall Gleason are what helps keep the movie together. Their chemistry just works, you’re never quite sure who is outsmarting the other. Sarah Wright plays her role of the dutiful wife well, although I can’t help thinking that it was a role better suited to Margot Robbie.

If all this Tom Cruise action has got you hot under the collar then take a look at Mark Jankowski’s roundup of his favourite Cruise movies.

By Ruth Walker


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