Wonder Woman (12A)

Wonder Woman has soared at the box office, breaking the superhero glass ceiling. So, what’s caused this success? Is it the fact that Gal Gadot is supremely talented, or that’s she’s stunning and scantily clad for the majority of the movie? Or could it be for a third reason? I hope so.

For once we have a strong female action hero. She isn’t reliant on her male peers to help her out. In fact, the opening scene on Themyscira, a fictional, lush city-state and island nation is full of super-strength women.

After living peacefully with her fellow Amazonians on the mysterious island for thousands of years Princess Diana’s (Gal Gadot) life is changed forever when she meets an American spy, all-out good guy and resident eye candy, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Diana is drawn into the conflict of World War I. Unable to simply stand by and watch the world destroy itself she sets off with the yank to save the day knowing she can never return to Themyscira.

Diana and Steve made one dynamic duo but with a twist. For once we have a dude in distress and a goddess to rock up and sort shit out. In fact, their hopeless love story is the glue that holds the movie together.

Convinced she put a stop to the conflict, Diana fights alongside Steve’s ragtag crew in a war to end all war. In doing so she finally discovers her full powers and true destiny.

The world may not be worthy of Diana but she will stop at nothing to protect it.

Unlike Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice which was just plain terrible, Wonder Woman is a great success. Yes, it has a strong female lead, but once you get past all that it’s so much more than just a token female superhero movie. I mean if you want to watch a movie with an all-female cast just for the sake of it, then go and see Ghostbusters. But if you’d rather not waste your time watching a complete shit-fest and wondering how much they paid Bill Murray to star in that abomination, then watch Wonder Woman instead.

Empire’s Chris Hewitt said that “Gal Gadot’s Diana is a bright beacon of hope in a world of greys” and he isn’t wrong.  Oh, and just when you think Gal Gadot couldn’t get any cooler it turns out she was pregnant during filming. That girl’s got grit.

After a fair few misses the DC Extended Universe has finally redeemed itself. It’s a refreshingly baddass breath of fresh air in a male-dominated genre.

By Ruth Walker


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