The LEGO Batman Movie (U)

Emmet’s tale of self discovery in The LEGO Movie captured everyone’s imaginations. It didn’t matter if you were big or small, old or young, it was a universally loved movie. So have the producers of The LEGO Batman Movie got what it takes to continue the winning streak? Let’s find out.

With a ridiculously over the top Cribs style intro we’re given a rare insight into the home of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (Will Arnett). Oh and did I mention that Batman is his roomie? Nudge nudge, wink wink.

It seems that fame, fortune and a superhero alter ego isn’t enough to make Bruce Wayne happy anymore. With only his butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) to talk to life can get a little drab. And when he dons the infamous black ensemble things aren’t much better. Batman’s enemies have become so predictable. The spark just isn’t there anymore. Even his arch enemy the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) fails to surprise him.

That is until he unleashes his latest maniacal plan; to set the universe’s deadliest villians lose in Gotham City.

In his subdued state Bruce Wayne adopted a fellow orphan. He now has something to fight for. So with Alfred, Robin (Michael Cera) and the hot new police chief (Rosario Dawson) in tow Batman sets off once again to save the day.

It’s a race against time. A tale as old as time; good vs evil. Who will prevail?

The LEGO Batman movie is fun for kids, but unlike it’s predecessor, fails to appeal to a wider audience. Don’t get me wrong it’s sporadically hilarious and has some great characters, it’s just that as a whole the movie isn’t that memorable.

By Ruth Walker


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