Sing (U)

Set in world entirely inhabited by animals, we watch as theatre owner Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) struggles to save himself from ruin.

The delusional koala will stop at nothing to save his beloved theatre from closure. In a final bid to save his skin Buster decides to put on the world’s greatest singing competition.

He sits through hundreds of auditions to uncover the very best singing talent around. The competition keeps getting bigger and bigger. One thing is for sure, the finalists’ lives will never be the same again.

Can Buster make a success of the show, or will it be one more failure to add to the list?

Sing is yet another animation that has been churned out to entertain the masses but in the rush to get something out there, directors Christophe Lourdelet and Garth Jennings have created a movie without any heart.

This animated comedy is trying to capitalize on the craze for talking-animal adventure movies and talent competitions. But the characters leave no long-lasting impression. In fact, the movie is full of unmemorable performances.

Songs feel as though they are only included so that an album can be promoted at children at a later stage which makes the whole thing feel disingenuous.

As film critic Robbie Collins said: “Sing is about some animals with famous people’s voices who take part in an X Factor-like karaoke contest, and there’s not an atom more to the film than that.”

The stage lights are lit, the stars are out in force but no one’s watching the show. Unlike the animation movies we’ve be treated to recently, Sing fails to hit the same high notes.

It short it lacks any moral message. For an animation with genuine heart watch Disney’s Zootropolis instead.

By Ruth Walker


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