La La Land (12A)

La La Land captures everything that I love about the movie industry. The glitz, the glamour, not to mention the incredibly powerful performances. So, it came as no surprise when La La Land won a record-breaking seven Golden Globes on Sunday night.

I’m not ashamed to admit that La La Land made me shed a tear. It’s an incredibly moving movie. You’re invested in the main characters Mia (Emma Stone)  and Sebastien (Ryan Gosling) from the get-go. The will they, won’t they storyline had me in tatters. As my fiancé pointed out as we left the movie theatre, I’m an old romantic. But this isn’t just any run of the mill rom-com, it’s a glimpse into the past, of the beautiful loves stories that Hollywood used to tell.

Our story starts in Los Angeles as we watch a barista named Mia attempt to escape her humdrum life and make it in the movie business. Meanwhile musician Sebastien refuses to conform with the times and wants to open his own jazz club.

When the two meet sparks don’t exactly fly. But like all great love stories romance takes its time to blossom. But when it does, it’s all-consuming, Singing In The Rain, Breakfast at Tiffany’s kind of love. We watch as the duo struggle to deal with the complexities that life throws at them. As we all know the course of true loves never runs smoothly. Can the couple make it or will life inevitably get in the way?

La La Land is a beautifully crafted love letter to the golden age of Hollywood. The tender romance combines dazzlingly choreographed songs and dance numbers with heart-wrenching scenes, leaving you captivated. The use of light in this movie really makes it, helping draw you dead centre into the scene.

The soundtrack is just beautiful. City of Stars won the best original song – motion picture award at the Golden Globes, but my favourite song has to be Mia & Sebastien’s Theme. After seeing the movie, it just takes my breath away.

La La Land’s Golden Globes 2017 Wins

  1. Best motion picture – comedy or musical
  2. Best performance by an actor in a motion picture – comedy or musical
  3. Best performance by an actress in a motion picture – comedy or musical
  4. Best director – motion picture
  5. Best screenplay – motion picture
  6. Best original score – motion picture
  7. Best original song – motion picture

Ryan Gosling’s acceptance speech for ‘Best performance from an actor is a motion picture- comedy or musical’ serves as a reminder of why he is so universally adored. He made the internet swoon once again.

If you’re looking for a romance with real heart then La La Land is the movie for you. I absolutely adored it.

La La Land will be released in UK theatres on 12th January 2017.

By Ruth Walker


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