Passengers (12)

Passengers tells the tale of an entire civilisation sleeping in suspended animation travelling 120 years through space to start a new life on a distant colony planet. Homestead 2 promises to be everything they could ever want, providing them all with a fresh start. Well maybe not for everyone.

Their routine journey is disrupted when the Starship Avalon malfunctions causing one of the hibernation pods to open prematurely. Engineer Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is now stranded on the spaceship with 90 years still left to his destination.

It’s over a year until Jim encounters another human being, when yet again another pod malfunctions and he finally has someone to share his life with. Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) is a talented writer hoping to be the first journalist to travel to another planet and then return home to share the experience.

Any dreams Jim and Aurora had about the future are now unreachable. With no way to return to their slumber or alter the ships path, they are doomed to always be passengers on board the Starship Avalon never arriving at their dream planet.

Once the duo come to accept their fates they begin to enjoy life on the luxury spaceship. They even begin to fall for each other. But when the vessel begins to malfunction once again they must focus on the lives of the 5,000 sleeping passengers on board and stop it from self-destructing.

They may never make it to their new planet but that doesn’t mean that they are giving up on their civilisation. Jim and Aurora are willing to risk their lives to save their fellow passengers. But can they do so before it’s too late?

Passengers is a visually stunning masterpiece. From the barrage of trailers that have been released that seem to contain about 90% of the movie, I thought I knew it all, the twists, the action scenes. But I was wrong, the production company did save some delights for the big screen.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are a comedic match made in heaven, and they could have made a real hash of this movie. But they didn’t. Instead they deliver some heart-racing actions scenes with ease.

In short Passengers is out of this world. It’s thrilling and will mesmerise you throughout. The scenes outside the spaceship are nothing short of spectacular. And the love story between Jim and Aurora is so real and gritty. This really is a movie you don’t want to miss.

By Ruth Walker


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