Allied (15)

Allied tells the story of Canadian intelligence officer Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) who is given the ultimate test of faith. After years on the frontline Max is asked to investigate if his beloved wife is in fact a German spy.

The two met on a deadly mission behind enemy lines in North Africa in 1942. Max and the French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) fell in love instantly. They soon married and had a child together.

Max has never been given a reason to doubt his wife’s sincerity, until now. Is she the women he really thinks she is? Is their picturesque life a work of fiction? The Canadian struggles to comprehend a world without Marianne, but if she does in fact turn out to be a German spy he won’t have to imagine, he’ll have to kill her.

To make matters worse the mission is time-sensitive leaving Max with little chance to prove his superiors wrong and save his wife, and family from destruction.

Allied is a swanky romantic thriller that’s head-over-heels besotted with itself, and with good reason. The set locations, the glamourous clothes and intoxicating music, it’s all so sumptuous. It makes for a stark contrast when the couple move to Blitz-stricken London.

Throughout the movie you’re kept guessing. Marianne dons a smile that’s impossible to read, and you realise – much at the same time Max does – that he doesn’t really know his wife at all.

The rumours of an affair between Pitt and Cotillard were only stopped once the actress confirmed her second pregnancy with her husband. Comparisons to the dreary spy-vs-spy rom-com Mr and Mrs Smith were inevitable. But if people ever thought that there was anything going off with the Allied co-stars it’s probably because their love on-screen is so captivating and real. Life imitating art? I think not. Just two great heart-wrenching performances.

Allied is a larger than life heart-racing ordeal and I loved every minute of it.

By Ruth Walker



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