Storks (U)

Storks tells the tale of where babies come from. Okay so maybe not the whole truth, it’s a U rated movie not a sex ed video.

Back in the day storks used to deliver babies to their eagerly awaiting parents. But the little nippers proved to be pesky packages to deliver. When it all got too much the storks moved on and started delivering packages for giant internet retailer While adults started making babies the old-fashioned way the stork’s empire flourished.

Top delivery stork Junior (Any Samberg) is all set to become to next boss of He just needs to sack the one human on Stork Mountain and the job’s his.

But after he accidentally switches on the abandoned baby-making machine, he produces an adorable little girl that needs a home. With his orphan pal Tulip (Katie Crown) in tow Junior sets about trying to deliver the baby to her family.  Along the way, Tulip hopes she may find her parents too.

Remember when children’s movie were about more than flogging merchandise, before cinema lost its soul? Storks is one of those kinds of movies.

It’s comes as no surprise that Storks come from the studio behind The LEGO movie. This crazy, fast-paced family romp delivers plenty of laughs. The animation is outstanding and the characters are superb. The wolf pack and their ability to transform into any object was a particular highlight for me.

Through the laughter and silliness, a clear message shines through, love your friends and family. Even if it’s the family you make for yourself.

By Ruth Walker


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