The Girl With All The Gifts (15)

In a dystopian future humanity has been ravaged by a powerful fungal disease. Those afflicted have lost their free will and transformed into flesh-eating zombies known as ‘hungries’.

Humanity’s only chance of survival is a group of hybrid children, 2nd generation hungries that crave human flesh but have the capacity to think for themselves.

The children are kept captive at an old military base, schooled in the day by teacher Helen (Gemma Arteton) and subjected to cruel experiments at night by Dr. Cauldwell (Glenn Close).

Helen begins to notice that one student, Melanie (Sennia Nanua) has exceptional gifts. Could she be the one to fix this nightmare? Just as they are about to find out the compound is overcome by hungries. Retreat is now their only chance of survival.

With the help of guard Sergeant Parks (Paddy Considine) the trio escape. They embark on a perilous journey of survival. Along the way Melanie experiences the real world and has to discover what she really is.

The future of the human race rests in Melanie’s hands, she’s their only hope. Can her love for Helen stop the young hungry from attacking and eating her protectors?

M.R. Carey’s adaptation of his acclaimed bestselling novel puts a brand new spin on zombie movies. It’s so scarily close to modern day that it’s almost believable. This is so much more than a zombie horror, it’s a tale of love, determination and bravery.

Don’t get me wrong it’s still hella scary. It’s just that this movie has so much more depth than your usual flesh-hungry zombie flick. The Girl With All The Gifts has a sense of humanity about it and that’s what it what makes it so powerfully chilling.

By Ruth Walker

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