Ghostbusters (12A)

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood. Luckily people know who to call…the Ghostbusters.

This time around we witness paranormal researcher Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) and physicist Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) trying to prove that ghosts exist in the modern world.

Everyone thinks that they’re nuts and they both end up getting the sack. With nothing else to lose the duo team up with engineer Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and lifelong New Yorker Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) to prove that ghosts exists once and for all. But the team get more than they bargained for when strange apparitions begin to appear in Manhattan

The newly-formed grouped, dubbed the Ghostbusters, are put to work. Armed with proton packs and plenty of attitude, the four women prepare to take down the ghastly ghosts.

They’re an instant success. Their phone is ringing off the hook. The team decide to hire a beefcake receptionist named Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) but he ends up being more of a hindrance than a help, but at least he’s cute, right? *sigh*

As a madman runs around the city unleashing its angry spirits the Ghostbusters are pulled into an epic battle with more than 1,000 malevolent ghouls taking over Times Square.

The moment that I stopped wanting Ghostbusters to be perfect, I enjoyed it. After all the original is such a tough act to replicate. Yet I’m still not sure why it was needed.

Director Paul Feig has dismissed the controversy over casting four women in the lead roles as “vile, misogynistic shit”, but stats don’t lie. The early trailer for the reboot became the most disliked in YouTube history last month.

The all-female movie plays tribute to the 1980’s blockbuster with in-jokes and cameos. Just to be clear there was nothing offensively anti-male about the movie; the issue is more that it didn’t need to be produced. The original didn’t succeed because it was a total sausage-fest, but because it was funny.

Kate McKinnon does a great job of providing the cheap-laughs that we’re so used to Bill Murray providing. Melissa McCarthy delivers pretty much the same performance as always. She’s loud and obnoxious, making it hard for Kristen Wiig to stand out at all. Luckily Leslie Jones has enough energy to battle against the powerhouse that is McCarthy.

Chris Hemsworth is used as eye candy throughout the movie and apparently that’s okay because it’s tongue-in-cheek and he’s a guy. Yet people would go crazy if it was the other way around. In the original Ghostbusters Sigourney Weaver wasn’t sexualized this much. Geez, when did comedy get so dumb?

In a time where girl power and feminism are hot topics I can see why someone might have thought this movie would be a good idea. But in reality it’s just political correctness shoved in your face. What’s next, an all-female version of Ocean’s Eleven? Oh wait, that lemon is actually close to being a reality.

Ghostbusters is the most unnecessary, yet silliest laugh-out-loud movie, I’ve witnessed for a while. It’s an okay comedy, so as someone that hates settling for half-arsed I’ve written this lukewarm review with gritted teeth.

It’s quirky and funny but fails to capture the magic of the original movies. You can go along and switch your little noggin off for a bit and have a few giggles, but will no doubt leave feeling a bit meh.

Who am I going to call? Probably Domino’s.

By Ruth Walker

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