Deadpool (15)

Ryan Reynold’s smart-talking antihero is a hilarious addition to the Marvel universe. Deadpool is one of Marvel’s snarkiest comic-book creations.

In true X-Men style this is an origin story. We see how Wade Wilson goes from being a regular asshole into a superhero hero who can defy death and throw shade simultaneously.

But in all seriousness after a rather dodgy experimental medical procedure goes tits up Wade begins developing extraordinary regenerative powers. He adopts the alter ego Deadpool after the operation robs him of his Hugo Boss chops, leaving him looking “like Freddy Krueger face-fucked a topographical map of Utah”. Deadpool sets out to hunt down the guy responsible for his predicament.

What’s so much fun about Deadpool is that it’s consistently flipping the bird at its own heritage. For example the opening credits tell us that it’s produced by “Ass-hats” and directed by “an overpaid tool”. Our anti-hero even jokes about Charles Xavier, “Stewart or McAvoy?” he asks as he complains that the X-Men timeline is all screwed up.

As I said before Deadpool is a jerk. He only really cares about his smoking hot fiancée, but ever since his face went full Micky Rourke he’s been avoiding her.

Wade’s only choice is to find the guy that did this to him and force him to fix his messed up face. He’s willing to kill anyone that gets in his path, hell he even enjoys it. Even better he produces some laughs while he’s cracking skulls. What can I say, I guess it turns out men can multi-task.

Inevitably the shit hits the fan and Deadpool is forced to become the one thing he doesn’t want to be, a hero. But can this asshat change his ways? There’s only one way to find out.

Deadpool is more than just a superhero movie. As national treasure Betty White in her recent profanity-filled review said “Once in a generation, a movie comes along that your whole family will love … if your family is a f***ed up group of a**-kissing inbreds.”

She continues, “Plus, Ryan Reynolds looks so f***ing handsome in his red leather suit. I give it four Golden Girls, it’s the best picture of the year.”

The movie is full to the brim with dick jokes, which at first will make you chuckle, and then roar with laughter. Seriously you can never have enough dick jokes. What’s more Reynolds is such a joy to watch. He’s been stealing hearts and playing the fool since his Van Wilder days. I can’ think of anyone better to play Deadpool. He’s a jerk, a wiseacre and a ladies man, in that order. Write that down.

By Ruth Walker

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