No Escape (15)

American John Dwyer (Owen Wilson) has made some bad choices in the past but he’s hoping to put that all that right when he moves his young family to South East Asia to oversee his water manufacturing company’s new plant there.

Unbeknown to John the social unrest in the country is about to erupt.Having killed the President rebels storm the town hunting down Americans and slaughtering them. There’s a very strong undercurrent of anti-western sentiment in the country. The rebels blame the Americans for enslaving them to work for their corporations.

The Dwyer family are trapped in the middle of a nightmare but no hope of escape in sight. John must think fast and act even quicker to keep his family alive. With murderous mobs walking the streets the family man is placed in an impossible situation. Stay in the hotel with his family and hope that the rebels that have started to attack it subside, or make a run for it. Either way people will die.

He goes with the latter and frantically searches for a safe escape whilst foreigners are being executed without a second thought.

Eventually the escape their captive-like surrounding and luckily run into a Brit they met on the flight over named Hammond (Pierce Brosnan). Hammond has a very particular set of skills that he uses to protect the Dwyers at all costs.

John must get his family to the American Embassy before it’s too late. But in the midst of all the chaos before them is there any escape?

No Escape is a harrowing account of the not so distant future and that’s what makes it so harrowing. Because events like this have happened in the past and are likely to occur again. Hence why the movie leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

It’s a little too real at times and it takes your breath away. You have to take a moment to remind yourself, this is a movie not the news channel. I’m not saying that we are becoming desensitised to violence and horrific acts of terror, but it’s become so common place that although it’s incredibly harrowing, it’s no longer shocking.

Owen Wilson and Lake Bell have some real stones taking on this project. Okay so it’s not the best action thriller movie even made, but what it lacks in depth it more than makes up for in impact.
You may be wondering why Wilson was chosen for such a serious role. But don’t forget this is an actor who had Behind Enemy Lines as one of his first major roles.

Bell is incredible in this movie, she gives the doubters two fingers up and delivers a heart-breaking performance, perfectly portraying the agony of a mother in a life-threatening situation.

The two girls who play the two Dwyer girls play their roles very well. Not exactly surprising when you realise that the older of the two has been in movies like World War Z, Dark Places and The Conjuring. Pierce Brosnan plays the part well, slowly exposing his characters layers until you finally realise that he’s a total bad-ass.

No Escape is a fantastic action thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through, making it a must-see.

By Ruth Walker

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