Get Hard (15)

When the title of a comedy movie is the funniest thing about it then you know you’re in trouble. Get Hard is one such movie. It’s disjointed, slow-paced and relies heavily on ‘the Will Ferrell effect’. But even the curly haired laughter master can’t save this major flop.

Millionaire James King (Will Ferrell) has it all; fame, fortune and a gorgeous fiancée. Little does he know that he’s about to lose it all.

In the midst of his lavish engagement party the FBI rock up and arrest James for fraud. Wanting to make an example of the millionaire the judge charges James with several counts of embezzlement and sentences him to 10 years in the notoriously violent San Quentin State Prison.

James knows that he doesn’t stand a chance inside San Quentin and so enlists the help of his valet Darnell (Kevin Hart). His thought process is pretty simple. He figures that as Darnell is black and washes cars he probably lacks a college education and has done some time on the inside.

Rather than being insulted Darnell agrees to toughen James up before he’s incarcerated, for a price of course. Darnell wants to move his family to a safer part of town and send his daughter to a private school, so he’s going to milk this cash cow for all he’s got.

Cue a montage of lacklustre training scenes and awkward jokes and observations about upper class white guys and working class black guys. It’s just plain dumb, and not the funny kind of dumb.

Get Hard goes limp quickly and fails to remain funny to completion. Save yourself a few hours and watch the trailer instead, it includes all the best bits anyway.

By Ruth Walker

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