Unfinished Business (15)

Sick of his boss taking all the credit for his efforts hapless salesman Dan (Vince Vaughn) quits his job and starts his own business.

Unable to achieve success alone Dan hires two employees Timothy (Tom Wilkinson) and Mike (Dave Franco). Timothy is nearing retirement but by no means an old timer. He dreams of divorcing his wife and starting a Fifty Shades of Grey type ‘romance’.

Mike is for all intents and purposes the Alan of this wolf pack. But unlike in Todd Phillips’ laughter-fest the issue of Mike’s learning disabilities is not approached with sensitive humour, but instead with all out shaming. It isn’t funny. It’s as simple as that.

A year passes by and Dan and the team are yet to strike it rich, and the strain is starting to show. The trio travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives.

But what starts off as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every imaginable, and unimaginable way, including attending a massive sex fetish event and a being pelted with tear gas at a global economic summit.

Desperate to win the deal that will solve all their problems the team try to take down Dan’s old boss, now rival Chuck (Sienna Miller). They will go to any means to do so, including buttering up a potential business partner as he sticks his John Thomas through a public toilet glory hole.

Back home in St Louis as Dan’s family await his return lessons are learnt about bullying at school and the difficulties of being an overweight teenager. Dan tries his best to keep track of his brood through (*product placement*) FaceTime conversations on his iPad. It’s a tad trite and unnecessary.

Unfinished Business is like The Hangover but without the fun drunken bit first. I’m a huge Vince Vaughn fan which makes this disastrous movie a rather tough pill to swallow. Vaughn has become a poor man’s Adam Sandler. Typecast and overused.

Sienna Miller blends into the background yet again. The only thing that makes her stand out is that she has a man’s name. That’s it. She made little to no impact in Foxcatcher, yet was exceptional in American Sniper. After watching her performance in this movie I think it’s fair to say that comedy is not her forte.

It becomes very clear, very early on, that director Ken Scott and writer Steve Conrad have bitten off way more than they could respectively (or collectively) chew. Unfinished Business throws far too many storylines and characters into the mix and fails to make any impact with any.

I hope you have some unfinished business (ANY unfinished business) that will give you an excuse not to see this crapfest of a movie.

Like Vaughn’s hairline this lads-on-tour, mixing business with pleasure, gross-out gag movie genre is wearing thin.

By Ruth Walker

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