Let’s Be Cops (15)

Two juvenile friends are transformed from zeros to heroes when they decide to pose as cops.

When Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.) dress as police officers for a costume party they become neighbourhood sensations. It’s a dream come true. Woman who wouldn’t normally give them a second glance are throwing themselves at the duo. They feel invincible.

Well until they get mixed up in a real life case involving mobsters and dirty cops.

Refusing to give up on his new fake career Ryan drags Justin further into the doomed situation, risking both their lives and those of the people they care about.

The newly-minted heroes must put their fake badges on the line to stop psychotic mob boss Mossi (James D’Arcy) from carrying out his devious plan before it’s too late.

This isn’t a bad movie, but rather a forgettable comedy. Fortunately Johnson and Wayans Jr.’s bromance saves it from complete disaster.

It’s such a half-baked buddy cop movie. You should watch these decent cops flicks instead: The Other Guys, Rush Hour, Training Day, Bad Boys and Hot Fuzz.

Let’s Be Cops is the twilight zone version of 21 or indeed 22 Jump Street. Instead of being a movie about two dumb cops trying to pretend to be two loveable oafs, this is the story of two loveable oafs pretending to be two dumb cops. However Hill and Tatum continue to stand head and shoulders above the new pretenders.

The idea for this movie was really simple and had the potential to be hilarious, there were endless chances for hilarity to ensue but like our loser duo it never really got past first base.

Let’s Be Cops. Let’s Not. If you want to see Johnson and Wayans Jr. at their best, stick to New Girl.

By Ruth Walker


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