Lucy (15)

Director Luc Besson has cast the formulaic sci-fi plot aside to create something spectacular – Lucy.

A woman named Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is accidentally caught up in a dark drug deal after her boyfriend persuades her to deliver a mysterious package to a businessman named Mr Jang (Min-sik Choi) in an upmarket hotel.

Unbeknown to the young American the package contains a synthetic drug called CPH4 that has mind-bending properties. The businessman, who ends up actually being a gangster, forces Lucy and some other unfortunate Europeans to act as drug mules.

But after the drugs that were planted inside Lucy’s stomach explode she turns the tables on her captors when she transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

She’s a loaded weapon and with every second that passes she becomes even more powerful. Until now average humans have only ever used 10% of their brain’s capacity. She could reach 100% but no one knows what this could mean for Lucy, and mankind.

As her powers increase, so does the inevitability of her demise – or, at least, that of her body. Lucy can perceive things that she would rather ignore, ranging from her mortality to magnetic fields and the rotation of the Earth.

So she enlists the help of Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman), an academic whose area of research is the untapped possibilities of the human mind, to document her surge towards 100% brain capacity.

Whether she reaches her maximum potential depends on two things: how much CPH4 her body can take before it implodes, and if and when Mr Jang catches up with her.

It’s about time people started taking Johansson seriously, yes she can rock a tight pair of latex trousers but she has so much more to offer. She’s incredibly talented and Lucy is testament to that.

Freeman plays his role as always, with a solemn and dignified gravitas. I felt as though I was watching an episode of his space-related show ‘Through the Wormhole’. If you haven’t seen it yet I would thoroughly recommend that you do.

The only flaw that I could find with the movie is that the relationship between Lucy and French policeman, Inspector Pierre Del Rio (Amr Waked) is underdeveloped.

Lucy is a welcome change from the mindless, sci-fi movies that have been clogging up our screens recently. It’s less like Transcendence and more like Limitless on LSD.

By Ruth Walker

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